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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

What is Management Consultancy?

Management Consultancy is a line of consultancy firm which advises companies on the best way to manage and operate the business. The consultancy firm will give advice on strategies and operational techniques, also on time management skills.

The consultancy work mainly aims at helping improve businesses by finding novel and better ways of doing things and solving the problems of the organisation. The consultants are trained experts who can solve the most complex problems.


Any organization's primary problem is to fight the problem of attrition and also to deal with upskilling of the existing employees to make them up-to-date with the developments in the industry. While it may sound easy, upskilling is no joke when there are many employees in an organization, working in various departments, and playing various different roles. This is where management consultancy comes into existence where their primary role is to understand the current role played by all the employees, look for areas of improvement, strategize, and implement the improvement plan.

For instance, an organization, which has a unit of electricians, may have too much downtime due to failure of machinery or even with a minor issue of the machinery. This would turn out to be a complex problem for the organization if not resolved with "out-of-box" problem-solving skills. A management consultant's role here would be to understand the issue, which in this case is downtime; diagnose the problem; and then come up with a solution. The solution might vary from providing an idea of hiring an in-house handyman who can take care of the welfare of the machineries to providing training to the existing electricians to tackle any minor problems arising without hindering the day's work.

Often time, organizations seek management consultant's assistance to obtain information. The reason to seek help might be the consultant's expertise or the organization might not have the time and resources to obtain the data internally.

Also, consultants are sought to solve complex problems such as problems in compensation, morale, efficiency, or as such. In such a case, the underlying problems might be something different than posed. So, to understand that, the management consultant should understand if any solution was attempted in the past for the same problem, if any future solution is there in their mind, if the problem quoted affects any other department of the client's, etc.

Another important role a consultant plays in a client's organization is they make the client's team members do the detailed work. This way, the diagnosing of issues is quite easy since the people involved in the team are the ones facing the issues most of the time. Also, when there is involvement, it is easier for them to acknowledge their roles in the problem and also effectively apply the solutions provided by the consultant.

Most importantly, the consultant's work would be to provide solutions to the problems diagnosed and analyzed. This has to be presented as a well-designed report where the information and analysis are clearly presented and the solution is convincingly related to the initial diagnosis made by the consultant.

Some may argue that the implementation of the solution provided by the consultant is entirely over the client, but generally speaking, it would be a great professional attitude if the implementation is taken care of by the consultant as well. If the solution is not implemented or implemented badly, it would be a waste of expertise, time, and money for the client. So, a thoroughly studied solution would be a total success only if it is implemented properly.


The Management Consultant plays a huge role if hired by any organization to resolve their complex problems. Many projects undertaken by the consultants change the functioning of the organization, more often a better and smooth functioning and sometimes friction in the organization due to the implementation. So, the huge responsibility of looking at any problem not only as it is presented, but also to relate it to other departments of the organization, predicting the future impact, lies on the shoulder of the consultant.

We, at Infimind Institute, provide consultancy services to organizations. We offer ISO consultancy and training, upskilling training, and safety training to the employees of any organization. Do visit our webpage to understand more about what we offer.

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