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AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management System

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

As we all know that quality is important to any work irrespective of the type of industry. However there are some industries such as the Aviation, Defence and Space industries where the need for consistently high quality takes on a whole new meaning. These industries must achieve and maintain the highest levels of quality in their products and services. For the companies to obtain such quality, they must have an extremely effective and top-class quality management system. Irrespective of companies who are already certified or are looking for a new certification, they should meet the guidelines set by the authority.

For the organisations to achieve this goal, a sizeable amount of time, energy, and resources will be required. In today’s competitive world where the competition is high, available resources must not be wasted. For the standard to be successfully implemented, the company must ensure that there is a proper plan established, a veritable road map to success etc.

We at Infimind Management Consultants have a bunch of qualified consultants with experience in multiple industries who would be always ready to help your organisation develop and follow these essential steps to which pushes a inch closer towards the road map of success. Also we would assist your organisation in development and implementation of AS 9100D compliant Quality Management System.

Meaning: AS9100 is the Quality Management System requirements for Aerospace Manufacturers, it is the references to several other standards that an organisation must understand and integrate into their QMS.

AS9100 is an International Quality Management System standard mainly focusing on the Aviation, Space, & Defence (AS&D) industry. This is created by the IAQG and the latest version of this standard is the “AS9100 Rev D”.

The standard helps the supplier with requirements for the creation and maintenance of comprehensive quality system which helps in providing the safe and reliable products to the ASD industry as well as the civil & military aviation requirements.

Versions of AS9100

  • AS9100 Rev D (2016): The latest version of AS9100 standards. This standard includes the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and then supplements them with all the other additional quality system requirements which are required for this particular industry.

  • AS9100 Rev C (2009): Included all the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. This revision added a clarification from the Aerospace Industry to Aviation, Space and Defence organisations. Rev. C added stricter adherence to the production throughout the process.

  • AS9100 Rev B (2004): Based on the ISO 9001:2000, it is majorly focused on the need for the Quality Management System to abide by the rules of the statutory and regulatory requirements of the customer and also demonstrated on the continual improvement towards this goal. The only difference between AS9100 Rev B from A is that they have removed all the references to ISO 9001:1994.

  • AS9100 Rev A (2000): As discussed, AS9100 includes requirements related to the ASQ/ISO 9001:2000. It also specifies the additional requirements for the quality system of the aerospace industry. AS9100 A was actually referred to the below mentioned two standards which was also present in the same publication:

    • Section 1: defined as the updated QMS model aligned with the ISO 9001:2000 publication.

    • Section 2: defined as a legacy model which aligned with the ISO 9001:1994 standard.

  • AS9100 (1999): AS9100 Quality Management System requirement for the Aerospace Organisations included the ASQ 9001:2000 quality system requirement along with certain specifications for the aerospace industry.

  • AS9100 (1997): The oldest and the first AS standard of all. Aerospace suppliers determined that the ISO 9001:1994 did not address the different requirements that came up from their customers and there was several confusion with the company based standards such as the Boeing’s D1-9000 or the Automative Q1. The authorities had created the AS9000, based on the ISO 9001:1994 standard with an additional requirements related only to the aerospace industry.

These are some of the most recent and the oldest version of the AS9100 standard.

Some important things to be known:

  • There are three ASD standards, they are:

    • AS9100 - Design, Develop or Manufactures

    • AS 9110 - Aircraft Maintenance Organisations

    • AS 9120 - ASD Distributors of components like electronics and hardware

  • AS9100 talks about several other guidance standards that one has to understand. These additional standards don’t require certification, they provide guidance.

  • It really does not matter what the size of the organisation is.

  • It is NOT a product standard that defines the quality of the product. AS9100 asks you to control your processes, so your end product meets customer requirements.

  • It is NOT a personal Standard - a person cannot get certified to AS9100. They can attend AS9100 Certified Lead Auditor course, and then apply to become a certified lead auditor.

  • Registrar issues an AS9100 Certificate demonstrating that your organisation is Registered to AS9100(and ISO 9001) for a three year period.

The phase-by-phase approach:

  • Executive & Management Overview/Planning

  • Gap Assessment and Planning

  • Management System Development and Documentation

  • Implementation and Training

  • Internal Audit and Management Review

  • System Compliance / 3rd Party Registration Assessment

  • System Maintenance, Sustainability and Continual Improvement

Internal assessment and Management review will be a continuous for the best assurance process and Improvement in the System.

Conclusion: As mentioned earlier that we at Infimind Management Consultants offer AS9100 Quality Management Systems Development through top-class consulting, training and project support. Infimind also provides the best knowledge, guidance and direction for companies looking for the certifications.

Given today’s technology, the only thing constant in business is change. We provide training and consulting services for system specific standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 etc. We also help your company identify potential challenges and obstacles. We will work with you, hand-in-hand, and help achieve your goals and create a better future, all at the most affordable prices.

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